Many special thanks to:

Our families, our close and beloved people, our friends for their support, patience, love and understanding.

Ray Jenkins, Sean and Priscilla O'Connor, Trev Teasdel, Norman Wheatley - for everything they did and keep doing for us in our new start...

Theodosii Spassov - for the inspiration and all his support, creativity and friendship.

Bora Petkova, Galina Koycheva, Petar Pavlov, Yordan Danev, Gergana Velikova, Hristiana Dynkova, Yasen Kazandjiev - for all their work and contribution for Lot Lorien, for all the crazy and awesome moments together, for all the good and bad times shared together as a family, for their friendship, for being such good friends and band mates.

Rudolph Carrera - for the support, friendship and faith in Lot Lorien.


We would like to thank to:

All guest-musicians we had the pleasure to have in our projects (in alphabetical order): Andrey Tarakchiev, Christian Nedelchev, Dilyana Cvetanova, Dimitar Damyanov, Dragni Dragnev, Ina Kancheva, Kiro Dikov, Latif Bolat, Maryana Cvetanova-Milanova, Nelly Gancheva, Nikolay Yordanov, Petya Dragneva, Roel Hollander, Roman Stolyar, Rumen Mitkov, Silvana Velikova, Snajen Kovachev, Theodosii Spassov

All photographers, designers and artists who have created our posters, adds, album covers, etc (in alphabetical order): Borislav Kaykov, Dilyana Delcheva, Dimitar Traychev, Georgi Georgiev, Krasimir Stefanov, Marina Rousseva, Nikolay Roussev, Petar Petrov (R.I.P.), Plamen Krystev, Plamen Mihaylov, Svetlan Stefanov, Vasil Miladinov, Viktor Topalov, Zornica Miladinova

The authors and translators of the amazing lyrics (in alphabetical order): Boris Gramchev, Georgi Konstantinov, Kaloyan Ivanov, Luis Reinoso Gonzales

All creators of the awesome and beautiful music videos (in alphabetical order): Stoyan Yankov (and his awesome crew), Todor Chapkanov, Venelin Georgiev

All our fans for their love and support

Our partners for their support and faith in us

All festivals and festival crews we had the pleasure to work with

All journalists and media partners, supporting and covering our activities

The Bulgarian Tolkien society for their friendship, support and love...

Our main partners AMAdea Records and Carrera Linn Cultural Exchange


We would also like to thank the following people (in alphabetical order):

Anelia Kostova, Biser Petkov, Boyan Matev, Deyan TImnev, Dimitar DImitrov, Dimitar Nikolov, Elica and Nedyalko Minchevi, Ekaterina Prognimak, Gabriela Petrova, Gergana and Plamen Venecievi, Georgi Konstantinov, Georgi Markov, Georgi Panayotov (R.I.P. brother), Gospodin Kanev, Helia Chavdarova, Hristo Yocov, Ilian "Vrabcho" Iliev, Iva Kostova, Kamen Dobrev, Karen Manuelyan, Konstantin Cekov, Liza Moroz, Lyubomir Dimitrov, Lyubomir Kutin, Marian Kostadinovski, Maria Nikolaeva, Martin Karnolski, Martina Marinova, Milena Metodieva, Nelko Kolarov, Nikolay Petkov, N. Scott Robinson, Norman Wheatley, Ognyan Spassov, Pavel "Manimal" Kyuchukov, Penka Jivkova, Petko Karadechev, Ray Gonzales, Rumen Toskov (R.I.P.), Stanimir Angelov, Stefan Germanov, Svetlan Zlatev, Svetoslav Petkov, Tinko Tinkov, Todor Kondakov, Toma Sprostranov, Vyara "Roheryn" Krushkova and Petar "Dark wolf" Dobrinov ...


This last special gratitude is for all the people not listed here yet. (side-note by Alex: I decided to do this list long ago in one of the previous versions of the website. It's a symbol of gratitude we owe to all the people who supported us in some way all these years. I know that creating this list was and still is mission impossible, but I keep trying updating it. If you still don't see your name here, please excuse me - you are not forgotten, it's just my mind is overloaded...)

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